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    Jaws 02/08/2011

    big jaws windsurfing

    Not Quite The Eddie January 20, 2011

    Huge Waimae Bay Wave

    The Eddie Video

    The Eddie

    Pipe Masters 2010 FINALS VIDEO

    Final Highlites

    Waimea Bay 01/11/10

    huge North shore wave

    Northshore Bodyboarding

    Northshore Bodyboarding


    ROBBY NAISH wind surfing pistol river




    June 16th through the 19th Stand Up Showdown & the Pistol River Wave Bash

    Back from the Paddle Fest. Victory at Sea!! What a great event even if it was a little damp. Got an email confirming Stand up World Tour Champion Kai Lenny is confirmed for the Stand up Shootout at Pistol River June 16th through the 19th. Mark your calendars for June 16th through the 19th as some of the Stand up Paddle World Tour's top talent comes to Gold Beach Oregon. Kai Lenny will join Zane Schweitzer and Bernd Roediger as the Stand up Showdown is sure to offer a real treat for the stand up paddle community on the west coast. The Inn of the Beachcomber is putting up the prize money that will pay $750 to the champion, $500 to the runner up and $250 for third.

    Support The American Windsurfing Tour & the Pistol River Wave Bash

    The Inn of the Beachcomber is a proud sponsor of the American Windsurfing Tour and recommend you check out the site by clicking the logo above and explore.The Santa Cruz event is under a little stress because of the state of California's money grab. By donating a little it will put you in line for some good karma which we all need. You can donate money at the American Windsurfing Tour site and be a part of the grass root support for all things surfing. For The only HD live surf cam in Gold Beach Oregon and the south coast forecast go to the source

    The Beachcomber is looking for summer help at the front desk at the Inn of the Beachcomber. They will provide a place to stay and are looking for help June through the middle of September. Email Ted Eady at the Inn of the Beachcomber. Must be willing to Windsurf or do Stand Up Paddle. Would bunch your days off to head up to the gorge.

    Stand Up Paddle Event at the Pistol River Wave Bash

    Look for a Stand Up Paddle Event this year at the Pistol River Wave Bash in Gold Beach Oregon June 16th through the 19th! Got off the phone with Charlie Burwell at Pacific Boardsport the Naish board distributer and Naish is committed to bring down some demo boards and jump start the contest. The plan is for Naish and Starboard to demo some boards and for the Inn of the Beachcomber to purchase some for its new rental fleet. Naish Stand Up Paddle is hoping to get Stand Up Paddle World Tour Champion Kai Lenny to headline the competition. I talked with Zane Schweitzer in Maui and he is a go for Pistol River. That's half of the finals from the Stand Up Paddle World Tour's February contest at Sunset Beach.

    The Inn of the Beachcomber is planning to contribute $750 to the champion, $500 for second and $250 for third to give the other tour riders incentive to come on down to Gold Beach The plan is to slot the top four ranked surfers into the quarters and run elimination heats at the Inn of the Beachcomber in the early morning. If the wind is down we would move the event to the Rock or Cape Sebastian. Check back for more info.

    SURF MOVIES TV is back from Maui

    Surfing Movies is back from Maui with a footage you won't get anywhere else. Check out the windsurfing at Jaws February 8th. Just click on the windsurfing link. I also got some great footage the same day at Hookipa, only one sailor but some awesome big wave footage. We have footage of Zane Schweitzer, Kevin Prichard and the rest of the crew at Zane Schweitzer's home break in Lahaina. Next up is May at the American Windsurfing Tour's stop at Waddell Creek California

    SURF MOVIES TV Almost the Eddie The 2011 Eddie

    January 25th, 2011

    Got back to Sisters Oregon 2:30 AM. Boy sure liked the Hawaiian flight that left at 1:30 instead of this new 3:40 stuff. The guys at the Eddie made the correct call 1000 percent it was not quit The Eddie well not even close really.

    The best filming of the swell was huge pipe the next day. the outer reef was going off and guys were making it inside to Pipe for a few huge barrels. The bodyboarders were insane. Hope you enjoy and will be back with more. Leave the 30th to film the wind tribe on Maui. I have been spending the last day trying to get the flash working on my macs. let me know if you are having any issues. e-mail the staff at the Inn of the Beachcomber.

    SURF MOVIES TV at The 2010 Billabong Pipe Master,

    For the full story click on the Pipe Masters link. OK I get how the French felt during Lance Armstrongļæ½s incredible run of 7 Tour de France wins. I knew something was up when Kelly Slater donned the Maillot Jaune (yellow Jersey) as the World Champion. I liked it because it was really easy to see through the eye piece of the camera. What a day that started with the first big wave of the day and Jeremy Flores in the first quarter with an 8.00 to move on to the semis. That was followed by Kelly Slater and his 8.77 in the next quarter. Jordan Smith 9.5 in the third heat was not enough to hold of Kieren Perrow's 7.5 on his last wave of the heat. Dave Reynolds made it to the semis with a 7.67 and a 9.0.

    Like I said go to the Pipe Masters page for more, Slaters perfect 10 Stephanie Gilmore and some unreal footage of Rockpiles going of the first day.

    SURF MOVIES TV and the Sick Northshore Bodyborders

    This footage was shot during December and January of last season. I would hit Pipeline a little in the early morning and then peddle down to Waimea Bay to film the show. I have a good amount of footage from the two weeks of the Pipe Masters and the swell I flew over for the 20th of January. The 21st of January was unreal. Life being what it is you can check back in March.