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Otter Point and the Rogue Reef


We have taking the Glass Float promoition to a new level. The Beachcomber will be placing floats and posting videos of a new area around Gold Beach each month. After all Gold Beach is all about nature raw and simple.


The first location is Otter Point. Take Hwy 101 North about five miles. You can turn in to any of the old coast roads that weave along the highway to get to the Otter Point parking lot. If you go a little over 5 miles you will see the one that is in the video. The cool thing about Otter Point, well one of many cool things, is the diference perspective you get of the Rogue Reef. Crazy what 5 miles does to the perspective. You can see why they call it Needle Rock.


At low tide you can see some sea creatures in the tide pools and rocks at the base of Otter Point. Left at the hobit trail and weave around till the trail heads down to the beach. Pretty easy going. Head north over the stream and look in the endge of the dune near the tree line. We have placed them so it's tough to see but the clue would be look for something unique thats been there a while.




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