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  • zane wins shootout

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  • Victory at Sea

  • Victory at Sea Surf Kayak
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    ROBBY NAISH wind surfing pistol river

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    Jaws 02/08/2011

    big jaws windsurfing

    Not Quite The Eddie January 20, 2011

    Huge Waimae Bay Wave

    The Eddie Video

    The Eddie

    Pipe Masters 2010 FINALS VIDEO

    Final Highlites

    Waimea Bay 01/11/10

    huge North shore wave

    Northshore Bodyboarding

    Northshore Bodyboarding




    Where to Standup Paddle on the Rogue River
     7 Mile Bay Paddle   4 Mile Old Mill Bar Paddle   3.6 Mile Huntley Park Paddle     2.8 Mile Jim Hunt Bar to Huntley Park Paddle      1.5 Quosatana Creek Starter Paddle        Pistol River Flatwater Starter Paddle 
    Kai Lenny and Zane Schweitzer Battled it out for the Standup Showdown Championship.
  • Standup Showdown Final

    kai lenny wins showdown

  • The Showdown exceeded expectations. The wind had died from the day before and Pistol was definitely rippable. Zane Schweitzer and Diego talked up the contest so we had 25 entries. Robby Naish took his board out and was ripping all day. It was not possible to not be stoked from the start. Bernd & Norm Roediger joined Zane Schweitzer and World Champion Kai Lenny in the finals. The lineup was ripping for over a quarter of mile. I will be posting more video up this week as I work through it. After the final Zane and Kai were tied and they had a surf off. Here is the footage. Way to epic to film these guys twice in a break that had never benn paddeled befor so they had a surf off. Way stoked to get to film 2 top five paddelers all day on the Southern Oregon Coast.

    June 16th through the 19th Stand Up Showdown & the Pistol River Wave Bash

    Here is a little of the interview with Kai Lenny the morning after the Showdown. Bottom line the Beachcomber and Pistol breaks impressed all the talent from Maui. 25 entries, four to the finals & Robby Naish rippin it all day long at the Rock. Topped it off with the Maui crew grabbing the demo boards and ripping up the break at the Beachcomber. Well zane rippin it and the other looked normal. I am working on that video and will get it up. Untill then enjoy Kai and some clips of the Showdown. Yea i know it's a bit of a tease. Keep the Stoke high Ted .

    Kai Lenny "Pistol is Rippable"
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    Stand Up Paddle Boaard Rentals & Sales On the Southern Oregon Coast

    It's Official. The Inn of the Beachcomber has a rental fleet. SUP Rentals on the Southern Oregon Coast. We are signed up with Starboard and Naish as a dealer and the only Southern Oregon Coast rental center. (That is until Luke gets back from Maui and gets his rentals going in Brookings) We have ordered 5 boards from Starboard and 5 from Naish. Jim the rep for Starboard will be on hand with some demo boards as well as Charlei from Naish. All said if you are flying in and need a board we have you covered. The Beachcomber will dedicate it's new rental fleet to the Wave Bash. We are in contact with with Kialoa and hope to have their involvment as well. Sam is talking about a race so I figure that some of the longer boards will fit in there. I am exited about how Naish and Starboard have jumped in with both feet. I have ordered some of the best shapes from those great companies. Expect Jim from Starboard and Charlie from Naish to be on hand to promote the sport and make the event epic... For The only HD live surf cam in Gold Beach Oregon and the south coast forecast go to the source GoldBeachWeather.com

    Pre Wave Bash Barbrque June 14th

    It�s official!! Pre Wave Bash barbeque at the Beachcomber June 14th. The barbeque is on order! Beer, Tri-tip and all the fixings. Dana will get the word out to the locals and hopefully the Maui and Hood River crew gets the word. I plan on cooking at 7:00 in front of the breakfast room. Should have my footage of the Waddell Creek up on the flat screen. On another note it looks like the models are generating systems at the dateline so we should have waves for the Standup Showdown. Remember I'm adding $1500 to get you guys out in the water. Check back for more info. Ted

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding TV is back from Santa Cruz

    What a great event! Big props to the event guys for pulling it off. True "victory at sea". It was a bummer that they canceled the last day. I knew all that water ment snow on the way home so it all worked out getting out early. Check out the videos of the Stand Up Paddle Saturday and a little of the Surf Kayaks. Had a great time in Santa Cruz and will be back next year. The conditions were a little harsh but to film Victory At Sea live as the watermen braved the conditions was cool if not a little wet. Zane Schweitzer was unreal winning the competion and will be at the Stand Up Showdown at Pistol River June 15th - 19th. It almost seemend unfair to see Zane just all over his 8' Tiki with the custom duct tape job. I can't wait to see those two guys duke it out at Pistol River. The cool thing is they will be doing it sailing in the windsurfing side of the competion and the Standu Up Paddle Showndown.

    26th Annual Santa Cruz Paddle Fest Surf Kayaks

    My son graduated from Sisters High School in 2008. They have a fund raiser for Doernbechers Children's Hospital in Portland called MR SHS. It has a talent section and one of his friends entered and showed his Kayak adventures. Crazy! With that said I knew when I drove down to shoot the Paddle Fest that people are prone to do some crazy stuff in a Kayak. It was unreal, yea that's the word for what the surf Kayaks did. It was big, it was blown out and all the shore break needed was some kids from Makaha getting pounded to complete the picture. The Kayaks had to make it through the shore break and then paddle out for what a mile into a 30 mile per hour head wind. Then find a way to drop down a 18 footwall of wind and water. So Victory at Sea is the correct term. They came they surfed they conquered. Don't get me wrong. Mother Nature got her licks in. It was worth it to see Victory at Sea first hand and to be a park of it in a small way. I was prepared for rain and I do want a new Panasonic HPX 500 with the 2/3" CCDs. Not having the cash in the bank I was a little conservative and picked what I would shoot Saturday and Friday afternoon. Hope you enjoy the film and I will be back next year. Rain or shine.

    The other Reels,

    For the rest of story check out the our library. I still have stuff from the north shore this year to get up. I need to get that done. Until then take a look at the Jaws video. The Eddie did not go, but they tried and we have that. OK I get how the French felt during Lance Armstrong's incredible run of 7 Tour de France wins. I knew something was up when Kelly Slater donned the Maillot Jaune (yellow Jersey) as the World Champion. Check out Jeremy Flores as he shows how they do it in France.