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Oregonís Undiscovered Coast

Gold Beach hasnít changed much in the last 60 years. Well that not exactly true. There are less people here today now than when timber was king . Itís still the place where the ďFamousĒ Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean and nature takes the front seat to manís interest. Gold Beach has always been the kind of place that draws in those that love nature untouched by the development that binds most peopleís lives. In short Gold Beach is a lot about what used to be great in a lot of places, i.e. the great outdoors raw and simple. Yes itís true not a lot has changed in Gold Beach while a lot has changed in the rest of the world. We have a Dairy Queen and a Subway. Thatís it for formula food! The lack of change in Gold Beach is one of the reasons it seems Gold Beach is like a place father time forgot to check in on while he changed everything else. This is good and bad. If you donít want to see your neighbors on vacation itís good. If you love big box retailers, well Gold Beach might not be your place. Gold Beach is your chance to see what the great oudoors was like before everyone got so busy changeing perfection

Gold Beach has it all for those that love the outdoors. The National Wild and Scenic portion of the Rogue begins 11 miles east of Gold Beach and the Wild Rogue Wilderness Area begins just east of Foster Bar 36 miles up the Rogue River. You add all the Pacific has to offer and the area can keep you busy all year long with activities you canít get anywhere else. Windsurfing, hiking, kayaking, cycling, stand up paddle boarding, mountain biking, swimming, golf and surfing are only a few of the activities for those that crave the exertion of physical activities. For those that need to take it a little easier there are nature walks, beachcombing, tide pooling, scenic drives, bird watching, panning for gold, jet boat trips, fishing and the list could go on. The bottom line Gold Beach has more things you gotta do than any place Iíve been.

Things to do Oregon Coast
Gold Beach Oregon
Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals
The Inn of the Beachcomber is the only south coast rental center for Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals. Stand Up Paddeling has taken the surf industry by storm the last three years. We have responded with a great rental program so you can drive up from the Bay Area or down from Portland to take advantage of the Rogue River and the summer waves. Stand up paddle boards SUPs are one of the fastest growing outdoor activities sweeping the country. We have ten boards ordered for our rental fleet. The fast-growing sport of stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a fun, easy way to go play on the water and a great core exercise. Any one can do it with a little perseverance. Gold Beach in uniquely situated to offer both beginners and experience enthusiast ideal conditions. You can enjoy the flat-water of the Rogue Bay or the challenge of surfing in the Pacific. For thrill seekers there are the rapids up past Foster Bar. For the adventurer you can put in at Lobster Creek Bridge and float down river.
Great Hikes Along Hwy 101
Jeff, football buddy from college and visitor center director has put together some hikes along Hwy 101 . It's a great starting point and includes degree of difficulty info. The web page is broken down to south towards Brookings and North towards Port Orford. We are working on the trails east along the Rogue River. Jeff will be putting together a Pamphlet that you can get at the visitor center. The visitor center has to be the best resource for info on hiking around Gold Beach.
Jet Boat Trips
Gold Beach is where the legendary Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean. From May 1 to October 31st Jerry’s Rogue Jet Boats and Mail Boat Hydro-Jet Trips offer excursions up the Rogue. Travelers come from all over the world to experience the deep canyons, waterfalls and rapids in the jet boats. The boat pilots point out the abundant wildlife and share the history of the river as you journey along one of the most remote areas in the county. It is not uncommon to see bears, eagles, otter’s, osprey and deer. The trips take all day for the 104 mile and half a day for the others so you will need to make arrangements for overnight accommodations. On the jet boat trips you will see some of the remote lodging located up river. After the boat trip how about soaking in a private beachfront spa at the Beachcomber. You won’t find that at any of the other Gold Beach motels or any other beachfront inn.
Cycling on the Southern Oregon Coast
The cycling is exceptional here in Gold Beach even in the winter. Most of the rides around here have some climbing which I enjoy even though I weigh in at 240 pounds. In the summer itís little tough going North with the world class windsurfing wind. Jerryís Flat road along the Rogue River up to Agness is a great option out of the wind. The ride I enjoy most in the summer is up and over Cape Sebastian and down Meyers Creek Road and back. Itís 20 miles of climbing and offers the most spectacular view of the windsurfers at the rock. There are many great bike rides that can be taken along Hwy 101 or along the Rogue River. There are easy rides or rides that involve climbing. The cool thing is, every ride has spectacular scenery. Here is a link to some great rides north and south, from the Beachcomber :
oregon coast cycling page

Gold Beach is short for ďWorld Class WindsurfingĒ. Home to the second stop on the American Windsurfing Tour the Pistol River Wave Bash the 3rd week in June is a must see event. For video from last year and some great footage from Maui check out our windsurfing video site. Pistol River and the South Jetty are great spring and summer windsurfing locations. Considered among one of the worlds choice spot is the stretch of coastline 8 miles south of the Inn of the Beachcomber. The area from Cape Sebastian to Pistol River is alive with the windsurfers when ever the wind is blowing. When the wind is blowing out of the North and surf is up, youíll see colorful sails surfing and soaring typically between mileposts 334 and 339 on US 101..
Redwood National Park
The park headquarters are just 50 minutes south of Gold Beach in Crescent City. This makes the Redwoods a great day trip from the Inn of the Beachcomber. There are not a lot of beachfront lodging choices near the Redwood National and State Parks that reside in the North Coast of California and Southern Oregon. Staying in Gold Beach at the Inn of the Beachcomber and doing a day trip to the massive redwoods is a great way to enjoy the ancient coast redwood ecosystem preserved in the parks. The Redwood National Park contains some of the planet's most majestic forests and offer many good day hikes. There are plenty of motels and a few hotels in the towns near the Redwood National Parks but the best beachfront accommodations in the area are located in Gold Beach.
The Rogue River
Our Rogue River information page: The Rogue River
You can fish the Rogue year round when you stay in Gold Beach. Winter steelhead travel up the Rogue from December through March and a great tasting fish and are great fighters. From March through June Spring Chinook run up the river and can be caught from the mouth of the Rogue River all the way to Agness. Springers can range from ten to 40 pounds. July through December the fall Chinook and summer steelhead provide great fishing. September through December Coho salmon from five to fifteen pounds offer great sport. The Rogue River is the center of recreation during the summer with swimming, Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle boarding. The Rogue is also great for rafting. Check out these websites: and, a kayak school.
Fishing the Pacific
The Rogue River Reef is home to a huge variety of different fish and maybe the best bottom fishing found anywhere. Ling cod, Snapper and rock fish are some of the species you will find. When ocean conditions permit it Halibut fishing in Gold Beach is a great option. Why not treat your wife to the best accommodations in Gold Beach while you fish? Of all the lodging choices in Gold Beach we think the Inn of the Beachcomber is your best choice. When condition are good fishing for salmon in the ocean is always an experience you won’t want to miss.
Day tripping
So much to do just in and around Gold Beach. Gold Beach and Curry County is truly the place time forgot and is a great way to discover the best of this beautiful area as you adventure out from the Inn of the Beachcomber. How about heading north on 101 to Port Orford for fish and chips at the Crazy Norwegian for lunch and driving out to the Lighthouse at Cape Blanco. The total mileage from the Inn of the Beachcomber is only 35 miles. The drive from Gold Beach to Port Orford is either the most scenic drive on Oregon’s Hwy 101 or the second most depending if your one of those that think the drive to the south is the most scenic. Either way it doesn’t matter much because once you’ve ventured the six miles from Hwy 101 to the lighthouse at Cape Blanco you will know you’re one of the few special people to have ever ventured to this spectacular setting. The view to the south is the Head Lands of Port Orford and the north view is more haystacks rocks. I gotta wonder how all these rock formations came to rest way out in the Pacific. The lighthouse is open April through October 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. It is the most westerly lighthouse in Oregon and was constructed in 1870. When you gaze out to the Pacific and take in how many rocks you can spot you’ll understand why Cape Blanco was worthy of so much attention way back in 1870 for the sake of the weary mariners who might have wandered this way. This is only one example, though a darn good one, of what Gold Beach and Curry County has to offer as you come and go around here.

Bird watching on the Southern Oregon coast
With more than 250 species of birds in and around Gold Beach it’s pretty easy to be enthusiastic about birds. To start with if your lodging choice was here at the Inn of the Beachcomber all you have to do is take a short walk down our trail to the beach and you see lots of birds. Check in to any of the motels is Gold Beach Oregon and head out to the local spots. The Port of Gold Beach, Ophir tidelands, the old mill site and the Rouge River Estuary are all within ten minutes of Gold Beach Oregon and great choices for bird watching.
Cedar Bend Golf Club is ten miles north of Gold Beach and is a nice nine hole public course that offers no lodging or accommodations. Cedar Bend is about fifteen minutes from the motels and inns in Gold Beach Oregon to the South 3o miles in the Chetco River valley is Salmon Run an 18 hole course. There is only one beachfront inn located around Brookings and like Cedar Bend Salmon run has no accommodations or lodging choices at the course. 50 miles North of Gold Beach is Bandon Dunes with its three world class courses and upscale lodging. Bandon Dunes is a true golf resort with fairly high green fees.
Horseback Riding
Have you ever ridden a horse on the beach? With the Curry County Fairgrounds located on the beach here in Gold Beach Oregon you have a great chance to stall your horse at the fairground for $15.00 a night, pamper yourself at the Inn of the Beachcomber and enjoy a ride on the beach. With a little planning you can or trailer you horse for a ride in the forest and come home to the comfortable lodging accommodations at the Beachcomber. Gold Beach riding is great because of the choice of scenery and trails located here on the southern Oregon coast. Siskiyou West Day Lodge rents horses of all temperaments and rider skill levels for treks on the beach, local dunes and the owner’s ranch, just south of Gold Beach at Pistol River.
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