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Huge Ho'okipa 02/08/2011

huge hookipa windsurfing



Jaws 02/08/2011

big jaws windsurfing















ROBBY NAISH wind surfing pistol river


Top Youth at the Wave Bash


Shadowbox Wave Bash Jump Off

Shadowbox Jump Off





Summer Help at the Beachcomber

We are looking for summer help at the front desk at the Beachcomber. We will provide a place to stay and are looking for help June through the middle of September. Email Ted Eady at the Inn of the Beachcomber. Must be willing to Windsurf or do Stand Up Paddle. Would bunch your days off to head up to the gorge.

The Inn of the Beachcomber is a proud sponsor of the American Windsurfing Tour and recommend you check out the site by clicking the logo above and explore. For The only HD live surf cam in Gold Beach Oregon and the south coast forecast go to the source

Pistol River Wave Bash Special

When I was over is Maui Sam and I cooked up a great plan for those that are on the fence for the 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash. Here it is. If you book by April 15th and have paid up your entry for the 2011 Pistol River Wave Bash we will give you a ocean view room for $55.00. That a huge discount from the regular rate of $99.00. So get off the fence and enter then call and reserve a room. A word of caution I have already booked a quarter of the rooms already for Sam, the Judges and the rest of the crew that did such a awesome job last year. My goal is to be 100% Wave Bash for that week and I am planning my own bash with the locals and Sam's crew Tuesday evening June 14th so if you love a good time send off the entry..

If you are a windsurfer come on down to Gold Beach and stay at the Beachcomber. Call the front desk and tell them what you can pay and if we have rooms open we will give you a killer deal. Of course this only applies to those with good energy. Check out the host hotel for the Pistol River Wave Bash The Inn of the Beachcomber!

February 2011 Maui

Had a great time in Maui but was a little bummed it was not that windy. When I went out to Hookipa to film February 8th. Hookipa was a bit closed out but huge with OK wind. I got some great footage and then Sam Bittner called and said there were some guys out at jaws. Headed up there and was super stoked to see four guys. Stayed there until they headed back on the jet skis. I also have some footage of Zane, KP, Russ, Diego and some others on the west side January 31st. It was a little flat but what a great lineup. After all the time on the North Shore this winter it was a treat knowing who I was filming. Kudos to Zane and making the Pro Finals at Sunset on his Starboard SUP.

Return of the Pistol River Wave Bash

I was in Maui in February when Linda called me and said some woman named Sam was putting on a wave sailing competition at The Rock. A quick call and I was meeting the lovely Sam Bittner at her Yurt in Haiku and giving her a check to have my property, Inn of the Beachcomber, help sponsor the event. I had spent a fair amount of time on the North Shore of Oahu filming the 25th Anniversary of the Eddie and the Billabong Pipeline Masters and was super stoked to get to shoot some video in Oregon. I shot about 500 gigs of HDDVCPRO, basically the complete competition and plan to keep posting video up here and on The streaming flash is encoded at a bit rate of 1000kbs. If you have bandwidth issues you can download the Quicklime Movies below, for the Finals, Practice Day, and Robby Naish.

Super Finals

Epic, Nuclear, Stoked were some of the words being thrown around by the sailors at the 2010 Pistol River Wave Bash. It was unreal, OK, super unreal to film Robby Naish tearing it up at The Rock. The Final Sunday between two world champions, Kevin Pritchard and Cisco Goya was almost to close to call. Watch the full finals and decide for yourself. Special thanks to Miss Samantha Bittner & Trade Winds LLC for getting it all put together. I can't wait until next year! Would not be possible to end without calling out Josh Sampiero of Windsurfing Magazine for his colorful announcing and the hard work that Mat Pritchard, the rest of the judges and Darin put in. With all the windsurfers at the Beachcomber, the energy was just too much fun. We will be back next year as the host hotel and are planning some special hospitality to the wind tribe

Free Sailing Day 1

Here is some stuff you won't get anywhere else. Practice day one video was shot from the Toterhome and the dune. It was blowing and the waves were good. The word from the Maui crew was they needed smaller sails and the waves at the rock just kept coming in strong. It was tough to film with so many people going off but was a great start for me with my new lens and tripod. Ya my music is old school, just like my hat from Maui Tropix but I think it still works.

Robby Naish Live at the Rock

Are you kidding me I got to shoot Robby Naish at The Rock. I think that is sick. Just way over the top for him to come out and support the event. Special thanks of course to local windsurfer Dana Miller for the heads up when Robby Naish headed down to the water.

Zane & Bernd Roediger

I hope these two make it back this year. I have gone through the files and will get this up soon. They kids are the future of the sport and it is great to see how their parents support their talent. I must admit There is more footage of Bernd than Zane mostly because Bernd stayed at the Beachcomber so I knew his sail when I viewed the footage.


Shadowbox Pistol River Jump Off

After the dust settled on the super finals it was time for the Shadowbox crew to rig the boards with the GoPros and the Shadowboxes. They ran 2 sets and it was a little crazy out there with everyone going off. Not as much air as the Maui event but the waves were smaller. Two twenty minute sets with 7 sailers. Loved the guys falling from the sky. Tyson Poor took the jump off sailing away after a back loop peaking at 30.80 which beat Cisco Goya by 5 inches. What a great way to end the week.