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Our beds
If all goes well during your travels you’ll spend more time sleeping in your bed than any thing else. We have been told by our guests that our beds are the most comfortable motel beds they have ever slept in. The story line is like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We start with an upper end firm mattress and box springs, the papa bear’s bed. Experience has shown me that “pillow top mattresses” can loose their support and get mushy pretty quickly, the momma bear’s bed. What we have done is add a 2.5 inch memory foam pad to make the beds just about perfect, the baby bear’s bed that Goldilocks falls asleep in. We then make the beds up with Ivory 250 thread count cotton satin striped sheets. If you like the standard motel comforters with their cleanliness issues you’ll have to try the other motels in town. We triple sheet our downlight comforters so that our guests never have to worry about mingling with the last guest’s DNA. The beds are then dressed with more pillows than you’ll find anywhere except a linen convention. We add some decorative pillows and a 100% cotton throw designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright himself. The bottom line is that the beds in our ocean view rooms will probably give you the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in quite a while.
Our Free DVD Collection
So It's no secret we love movies. So much we have begun the renovation of the historic Odem Theater in downtown Redmond Oregon. 2 screens and 16 beers on tap and some great food. Look The Odem Theater Pub this fall. Until then check out some of my picks from our free DVD collection. I buy them twice a year and try to get the best from Rotten Tomato and Metacrtice. Pretty exited this year for the Oscars. Loved Birdman, Boyhood, Wild and The Imitation Game this Oscar season.
We have all the carbohydrates normally associated with continental breakfast, couple kinds of bread, sweet rolls, English muffins and an assortment of bagels. For those that like hearty food (me and my son) we have buttermilk biscuits and country sausage gravy. Yes you’ll also have a choice of a sweet cereal, an unsweetened cereal and an assortment of instant oatmeal. We have juices and milks and coffee . For those that need a little protein in the morning they will find hard boiled eggs. During the off season we have canned apple sauce, peaches and Dole’s Tropical Fruit Salad (my mother in laws recommendation). During the summer and fall we add at least one fresh fruit choice, yogurt . I bring in those huge For those going up the Rogue on the jet boats we have lots of stuff that you can grab and eat latter. As a side note, I took the former owners quarters and turned it into our commercial kitchen and breakfast room so you’ll have way more room to enjoy your morning than most of the other places in town.
Spa Tubs
I stayed at the Beachcomber on vacation the year before we bought the place. When I looked out of the window at the ocean I new the property needed balconies as the first order of business. To make the balconies on the upper floor comfortable the parking lot level rooms ended up with basically 14’ by 9’ balconies. I took one look at the large space and thought Spa Tubs. We have six rooms with Spa Tubs on the private balconies. It’s just way too special to sit in your tub at night and watch the waves break in the moonlight while you relax in the comforts of the warm water. I think the spa tubs are best in the winter when it’s quiet at the Beachcomber and the crab boats are pulling their crab post at night. The boats with their lights are quite a sight up and down the coast. You won’t find anything like this so you gotta try it once, twice or maybe more if you live close. Yes we have had locals take advantage of our spa tubs.
The Beach
It’s amazing to see how many people come up from our path to the beach and head to the other motels. What that tells me is our level meandering path to the beach is the way to go. As you head down the path look closely you’ll see driftwood from the fifties and sixties in the dune grass. Just a note, the beach changes through out the seasons and that makes it interesting. During the winter storms driftwood is deposited up and down the beach and lots of the beautiful shore rocks are abundant. If you see someone carting off a fairly ambitious load that could be my wife or mother-in-law. Look hard enough and you can even find agates. I’ve been told people have found glass floats and other treasures churned up by Neptune and the winter storms. A neighbor of ours fishes for perch on our beach. I’m not going to spend much more time on this subject other than to say The Inn of the Beachcomber is all about the beach. You can walk about two miles north to the mouth of the Rogue. If you climb up the jetty rocks you can see how the beach is rebuilding inside the harbor and walk almost to the other side. Yearly the Army Corps of Engineering dredges the harbor but nature seems to have the upper hand on man in this case.
Arts & Craft Decor
We have spent a lot of time trying to present to our guest comfortable rooms that reflect the design influences of the Arts & Crafts Movement. From the artwork of Georgia O’Keeffe hung from the Greene & Greene inspired picture rail to the craftsman style furniture we have tried to recreate the feel of a 1920’s bungalow in our rooms. We hope our rooms are comfortable enough to invite our visitors to stay a while and reconnect with nature. A fairly lengthy explanation of what inspired our decor you can click on About our Rooms.
Balconies and Decks
The year before we bought the Inn of the Beachcomber we stayed here on vacation. The Beachcomber had no balconies and we hated it. We call the lower area the Bungalow area because the nine rooms are in single story building with a low pitched gable roof (almost the technical definition of a bungalow). In the bungalow area we built the decks low to the ground and added steps so guest can walk directly from their deck to the beach which is about 100 yards or more. We added balconies off the main building. The upper balconies are good size, 6 feet by 14 feet. The parking lot level balconies are over sized at 8.5 feet by 14 feet. The balconies and decks have privacy walls and Adirondack chairs to enjoy the view of the ocean.
When we took out the old windows and added the oversized sliding glass doors the old heat pumps were removed. To provide heat we added the quaintest propane stoves we could find. The flickering flame provides a romantic setting for a relaxing getaway and the thermostats on the wall control the heat so you can have a cozy nights sleep without burning up.
Flat Screen TVs
At some point High Definition will get to Gold Beach. When that happens we’re ready with our 32” flat screen HD Ready TVs. Until then our flat screens will be a great way for guest to experience LCD TV’s. We are looking into DirecTV and Dish Network for this summer. Our family has TIVO’s and would love to add them to the rooms.
In room stuff
We have in room coffee, mini refrigerators, microwaves and hair dryers in all guest rooms. We have Irons and ironing boards at the front desk in case you need to get those wrinkles out after traveling.
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